Sell Gold and Make Bigger Business Opportunities For Yourself

lGold is a very valuable item and anyone who owns a significant amount knows that its monetary value is very high. For many people it’s a good form of savings since it doesn’t get affected by inflation or any problems caused by a financial crisis that banks encounter when economies go down or weaken. But instead of holding on to the precious metal, you can benefit more if you sell gold.

Save or Sell

Saving in gold definitely has advantages like increasing its value over time and protection from unforeseen economic crises. On the other hand, selling it can also give you opportunities that are not possible if you prefer to hold on to it. Let’s compare.

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Is It Time to Invest in Gold?

gThe price for an ounce of silver exceeded the $21.35 threshold and reached the highest level in the last thirty years, because investors have turned to a more affordable value after the ounce of gold has also reached a record value. The ounce of silver reached the value of $21.38, three cents above the last record price that was achieved in March 2008 and is venturing to levels that have never been achieved since September 1980. At the same time, an ounce of gold reached a new historical level, of $ 1,298.35.

The two precious metals benefit from the depreciation of the dollar, which makes purchasing gold and silver with dollars attractive for investors holding other currencies. Silver, which has the advantage of being a precious metal, but is also used in industry, is a less expensive alternative to gold for some investors.

Is it time for investments? What do the experts say? The gold price could rise further after reaching a new record, but it is a safe investment, recently said the U.S. billionaire George Soros.

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Which is a Better Investment? – Gold Vs Silver

iA Revolution is defined as “a turn around” or fundamental change in power that takes place in a relatively short period of time. There is a Silver Revolution going on worldwide, yet mainstream media, particularly in the U.S., has failed to report about it. The U.S. has gone from being net sellers of silver, to recently becoming buyers of the precious metal and the trend is gaining international momentum–causing the purchasing power of silver to increase dramatically. Within the last 10 years the price of silver has quadrupled, and since February 2010, silver has increased by 30%, outpacing gold’s rise of 17%. Despite the fact that nearly every American consumes silver daily, less than 5% of us are actual saving and investing in the precious metal. This was not the case 50 years ago when it was common to carry pocket change made of 90% silver coins. Yet today, pre-1964 silver coins have become increasingly harder to find.

Many were melt down to silver bullion in 1980 when the price of silver soared to $50 per ounce. Peter Schiff, a Financial forecaster with a track record of being “right”, suggest that current conditions in the market are positioning both silver and gold to reach monumental surges in demand followed by worldwide shortages in supply that will drive silver to exceed the 1980 high. For the last 20 years the demand for silver has outstripped the diminishing supply. Silver miners and recyclers have been unable to meet the yearly demand so the government has made up for the deficit by depleting their own stockpile. According to U.S. Geologist, silver will be the first element on their periodic table to become extinct. Geologist estimate that we could run out of above-ground silver within a decade, by the year 2020. This would make it increasing more expensive to mine the limited under-ground reserve, while it also guarantees the future price of silver will rise tremendously due to lack of supply and growing demand. Silver is irreplaceable due to the abundance of industrial uses in everything from mirrors, electric conductors, solar panels, batteries, technology, cell phones, photography, dentistry, electronics and computers–to coins, silverware and jewelry. In addition, silver compounds (Ag) kill bacteria in external wounds and create life saving medicines, antibiotics and disinfectants. The world as we know it today can not exist without silver. Yet few are aware of the scarcity and rarity of this truly precious metal.

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Invest – Gold Soars, But What is the Next Commodity?

rThe economic investment cycle has been often perceived as a myth, however there is something to be said about cyclic investing, so let’s explore this phenomenon a little further to see why this can happen and how. If gold is getting a good run and is about peaking, then what is the next possible boom investment vehicle?

Yes gold has soared, in fact it is looking so “toppy” that one would be forgiven for thinking something new will take it’s place. It’s just the way it is and here’s why. Investors, the bulls, run together. The bulls are the market leaders. They are high net worth individuals and fund managers looking for the next safe place to move their capital.

The investment mediums these investors choose changes in a progression and if you learn how to spot the pattern, you can be there in the next vehicle before the buying starts, which of course means, you can clean up. Who knew, a few years ago anything in the resource sector would quadruple and more, but of course, I did. It is a pattern and you only have to look back over history at the last oil crisis in the late 70’s to know an oil crisis always precipitates a resources boom.

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Should You Invest in Gold and Silver?

uYou have to venture in the arena of precious metals in order to be certain that your retirement will be safe. There are many ways to invest in gold or silver. For instance, you can buy them as bars, the gold bullion or the coins. Doing the necessary research on the companies that offer these services is of high importance. Making a decision to venture into precious materials today will make your future bright and worth living for.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Precious Metals!

Diversification of resources safeguards you from the fluctuating value of a single asset, or all your assets are moving in one direction. Most portfolios are invested in money based commodities such as money market instruments, stocks and bonds. Portfolios that deal with tangible commodities are less volatile as compared to the others. It also serves a protection against inflation. The currencies have kept losing their purchasing power over the years as a result of the increasing cost of goods and services. However, gold has kept rising in value over time.

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